The Bioacoustic Unit is a full-service organization that provides everything a client requires for wildlife acoustic studies. We provide advice, supply standardized protocols, provide equipment, conduct field work, process audio recordings, and report on the results. Our team is actively conducting leading-edge research to improve methods and to better understand our natural acoustic environment.

Our Services

Clients regularly partner with us to assist with their wildlife monitoring needs. Our involvement varies from client to client and spans the full range of services from simply providing information to conducting a full research project on their behalf.

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1. Listen

We can collect the data you need, or help you do it yourself. We provide ‘how to’ protocols that will guide you through the process of deploying, programming, and retrieving your audio data. Or, let us do it for you!

2. Analyze

We have a team of expert taxonomists that will translate your audio recordings into species identifications. In addition, our researchers have developed automatic recognizers that quickly process audio files to detect multiple species of conservation concern. We encourage all clients to contribute their data to our publicly available data set. However, we understand that some clients may be bound by confidentiality issues that preclude this. The BU is therefore flexible in how raw data is disseminated.

3. Report

Once the audio recordings have been translated into species identifications, we will prepare a report that fully describes the results. Each report will be accompanied by the full data set of species identifications.

4. Discover

We are committed to providing leading edge bioacoustics services. As such, we’re always striving for excellence and innovation. Check out our current bioacoustic research to learn more about where we’re headed in the field!

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Our staff are available to help you. Browse through our website, and contact us if you have questions or want to know more. We can guide you through the entire process.

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