We encourage all clients to contribute their data to our growing data set. Our data and methodology are freely available to the public and available for download.


Bioacoustic Data

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The ABMI collects data on species, habitat, and human footprint in Alberta, and analyses this information to produce data and mapping products related to biodiversity. The ABMI provides access to this high-quality information about Alberta’s biodiversity through this data portal.
Download the ABMI’s breeding bird data package or visit our data portal here.

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Rare Animals Data

The Rare Animals project is focused on several vocalizing species: owls, amphibians, and a secretive marsh bird, the Yellow Rail, which is a species of Special Concern in Canada. The overall aim of the monitoring program is to understand these species’ status, habitat preferences, and distribution across the Lower Athabasca region.

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Studio Samples

Cypress Hills5:00 AMJune 23, 2014

This is a 1-minute clip is from a 5am recording taken in the aspen parkland of Cypress Hills on June 23, 2014.

Cold Lake5:00 AMJuly 28, 2013

In a black spruce bog near open water, this 5am clip was recorded near Cold Lake on July 28, 2013.

Cold Lake7:00 PMJuly 08, 2014

Here is a 1-minute clip from a boreal lowland recorded at 7pm, also recorded near Cold Lake on July 08, 2014.


A clip of a wetland dawn chorus.

Lethbridge5:00 AMJuly 02, 2014

A 5am recording from a grassland near Lethbridge on July 02, 2014.